• Dr Giovanni Stracquadanio, group leader, CSEE
  • Prof Hani Hagras, Director of Research and CIC, CSEE
  • Dr Luca Citi, CSEE
  • Prof Leonard Schalkwyk, Genomics group leader, Biological Sciences
  • Dr Boyd McKew, EASTern ARC fellow, Biological Sciences
  • Dr Vladimir Teif, Biological Sciences
  • Dr Nicolae Radu Zabet, Biological Sciences
  • Dr Chris Antonopoulos, Mathematics

Doctoral students and Postdocs

  • Viola Fanfani, CSEE
  • Angelo Gaeta, CSEE
  • Martina Zatopkova, U of Ostrava

The Computational Intelligence Centre
University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ, United Kingdom
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